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Some things that bug me about NGs ARt Portal...

Posted by antiandy - May 20th, 2010

This is going to be a diatribe that almost no one will read, I'm sure.
But I am not doing anything at the moment and I feel like ranting...

These are in no particular order of annoyance..just kind of free-flowing thoughts...

Art Portal Interface

When I am going through a users portfolio, and I want to vote or write a review, and then I click "Next" to see their next piece after doing so...it's ridiculous that after viewing THAT piece that I have to click their name and then once again click "See All" to once again get back on track reviewing their art.
This is also an issue when checking my OWN portfolio for reviews, which leads me to my next gripe...
Why are there not notification options for reception of a new comment(review)?
Having to go through my entire portfolio, only to see that I have only gotten one review,(or none), is tedious.
And that brings me to something that is NOT NGs fault...something I have mentioned in here before...


ESPECIALLY those of you who are also artists in your own right, which from what I can tell, comprises more than 95% of my reviews.
I realize that people have real lives...things to do...places to be...etc.
I further realize that NG is NOT specifically an art site, like deviantArt or Artician are...and therefore maybe some of the people here aren't doing more than killing a little time or whatever.
I know from seeing other artists portfolios that I am not the only one this is happening to, so maybe it really is just lack of interest.
But WHY is it that you may get one or 2 comments, then maybe 10 votes on a piece and it just STOPS??
It's obvious that a ton of people are simply looking at the Art Portal homepage, checking maybe the first couple of pages of most recently uploaded pieces and looking at those, but not anything else in the artists portfolio.
I get it if you just dont have time to look at more than a few pieces and therefore want to give equal time to various artists, but jeeez...it's kinda disheartening to see that the piece I uploaded yesterday has a review and a vote or 2, but then none of my older work has even been viewed.
I guess I am just expecting people to be like me and go through an artists entire portfolio...at the very least clicking on a few thumbnails that look good even if not seeing every piece.
I try to keep my portfolio small for that reason.
Oh well.
I am out of steam now. :P

Comments (1)

I hate that to.
You know what else sucks?
Seeing people who joined after you did and they get scouted.

Well, I cant really speak for anyone on that subject.
I was lucky enough to be scouted fairly quickly, I guess...after I actually started posting my art. I was a member here for over 2 years before I started, though.
Generally, I feel like scouting is pretty much based on user opinion of your work, and the system seems to work ok to weed out those who aren't very serious about the art they create.
Your art has a cutesy/funny quality, and is a lot better than a lot of the Pixel Art that Ive seen on here, so I'm sure you'll get scouted soon.