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Entry #8

Has anyone played "Toss the Turtle"?

2010-06-05 17:53:01 by antiandy

If you haven't played it...DO IT.
It's by far, my favorite time-waster game on NG.
Toss the Turtle

My Current Stats:
Distance Record: 4,053,725.5 Feet
Medals: All but "Diamond Goomba" and "Drivers License"

And now a question...for anyone who might have played this and gotten as much or hopefully more than I have...
Is there an issue with the medals appearing on your NG medals page?
Because though I achieved both the "100 Miles" & "Obsession:Play 5 hours" medals IN GAME...nothing is showing up on my NG medals page past "Addicted:Play 2 Hours" & "50 Miles".
It's confusing.
I looked in the thread devoted to the game, but no one has even posted there in awhile.
Any info would be helpful.


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