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Joe Cartoon is a God among Men

And I shall bow down to him now.

Great stuff

Excellent animation.
I would REALLY like to have a copy of the track used here for my collection.
Lemme know if that's possible.

cobra0528 responds:

Link on the left

Brutal and fun!

This was one of the slickest toons I've seen here on Newgrounds. The story is fantastic. Pure brilliance!

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FFT!!! (Fan-F**kingTastic!)

EXCELLENT way to waste some time and feel like you've accomplished...something.
great game, folks.

Awesome time waster AND makes you use your head.

Great little game to play around with when you're bored and want to improve your brainpower a bit.
I dig it.

My favorite tower defense so far....

As far as time wasters go, tower defense-style games are usually my favorite.
Of all the ones I have played, this is by far the most sleek and user-friendly setup to be found.
Thanks for bringing it to all of us.
Now that I've gotten "Brilliant" status in all but 5 of the 15 levels, ll I can say is, gimme a sequel, so I can play some more!

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You did this with a mouse?
I was already gonna say "Nice job."...but for that you get a "GREAT WORK!" :D
Seriously, very skilled piece...good mood is set, the colors are nice...really solid.

94livebox responds:

Everything what I create (arts, animations etc) I create using a mouse. I'm one of these guys who can't buy even the cheapest tablet in few days. I was planning to buy it this year but I changed my mind because I wanted to buy a presend for my girlfriend.
So... maybe next time. :)

I like this, the characters are nice, all the technical stuff done well....the ONLY thing detracting from it for me is all the blank space...
Maybe a picture/poster or some sort of wall decoration....or better yet...a window, with a view?

laisita responds:

thanks for the insightful comments I also felt something was missing.

The hair and sun highlights look fantastic. Not really my favorite subject matter, but a well done piece, nevertheless.

laisita responds:

Thanks so much I'm relative new to digital painting and all comments are so helpful to me

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